The Only Full Service Mobile RV Repair In Citrus County and South Ocala!

G&N Mobile RV Repair is a cutting edge company providing reliable, professional, on-site service to the active full time RVer. As full time RVers, we know the challenges of maintaining an RV that is your primary residence. We combine a knowledgeable technician, with a service truck equipped with the tools and parts needed to make RV repairs of any capacity. G&N Mobile RV Repair also provides a convenient alternative to traditional service centers for RV users of any type – Full or Part Time. Today you can rely on G&N Mobile RV Repair!

Air Conditioning

G&N Mobile RV Repair, LLC services all air conditioning systems

Heating & Furnace

G&N Mobile RV Repair, LLC services all heating and furnace units

Water Heater

G&N Mobile RV Repair, LLC services all RV water heaters

Washer & Dryer

G&N Mobile RV Repair, LLC services all wahsers & dryers


I was happy that the technician arrived a little before his original arrival time. I was also happy that it didn't cost as much as the original estimate. I like honesty, he could have charged me the original estimate and I wouldn't have known the difference. Thank you for that! So far the air-conditioner is working better than it was before. If and when I will ever need another repair job on our RV, I will definitely be calling G & N Mobile Repair.

Dennis Bickel

They were early for me....Thank God ....They were very very good.....

Anthony Torregrossa

Very knowledgeable on how to fix our washer/dyer.

Catherine Hunter

Was very professional and knowledgeable. Price was reasonable and the work was exceptional. Will definitely call back if i have another issue.

Story Sellers

Yes, he’s great on time. So far, everything looks good. Very easy to deal with.

Janice Herod

G & N Mobile RV repair does a great job every time I call. I have had repairs done by many others but G & N does a better job.

Thomas Szmytkowski


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